I only had a few sessions with Cat however in those few sessions she recognised my weak points and helped me focus on them. This allowed me to, in my own time, easily and safely work on these and develop my technique. I also had group sessions with Cat in which she was able to provide specific feedback to each client and offer alternative exercise allowing for a testing but fun class. Cat made me feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. I highly recommend Cat to anyone who is just beginning or has been training for a while and needs a push.  



Catherine Barnes is an amazing coach, she helped me with not just the physical but the mental, dietary and helped me connect it all together. 

If you want someone who will back your goals and push you to achieve them, Cat is your woman! 

She will celebrate with you on your victories and also be there to help you back up when you fall. 

I couldn't recommend her more highly!



Very professional, friendly and caring. Worked within my capacity and the capacity of my injuries. Consistent and reliable and very motivational.



I'm a 40 year dad who has never stepped foot in a gym before.  

I decided to get myself into shape not just for me, but for my wife and kid. I’m literally the human version of cartoon stick man. 

I contacted one personal trainer, but because my time for training was out of their work schedule, they put me in contact with Cat and I’m soooooooo glad and really happy they did. 

I’m the type of person who needs to be pushed or I will just do what is required and nothing more, which is why I opted to PT sessions and just not a gym membership.

Yet with the time that I’ve been with Cat I’ve found myself loving going to the gym and hating the rest days, I still want to be in the gym and I look forward to my next PT session. 

I find myself absolutely buzzing when I’m there with Cat getting pushed to lift weights I never thought I’d lift. 

Recently Cat asked did I have any goals. I actually thought I never had any goals for the gym but I do. Now we have set them and together as a team we will work to those. 

On the every day life and family side, my family, and even I, notice that I’m more confident in the way I look and act even though I’ve only basically been training for a short time.

So not only is it a fitness thing with Cat, it’s actually a mindset and a way of looking at where you are, and where and what you want to be, which flows onto every day life. The big thing for me is that I can actually function after work and have a 'get up and go' with my fam.