'Comparison is the thief of joy' - Teddy Roosevelt

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Do you ever scroll through social media and wish you looked a certain way? Did you see someone else doing an activity or with their latest whip, and wish that was you?

The ongoing search for happiness in our own personal lives often is sought from external sources.

Buying the latest tech and gadgets, purchasing the latest fashion trend items, working on ourselves to look a certain way based on what we have seen on social media, our surroundings in which we live, or buying the latest vehicle on the market.

But where did we get these ideas that we are not enough? What we already have, is not enough?

Did we think that because a person looks happy and care free when they were posing or interacting with said item/s, that they were truly happy?

External presentation is often not a reflection of what is truly going on inside.

Take the example of the fitness industry and those who regularly compete in aesthetic fitness competitions. The hard work and sacrifices put in leading up to that moment are not always filled with joy, and it is not an easy road. Often, on the other side of the event there is a need to put weight back on. They have to return to a healthier, more sustainable body re-composition. Many end up with eating disorders and other mental health issues, women have also been known to lose their menstrual cycles from such extremes when the process has not been done carefully. They chase that aesthetic because there is belief that it will make them happy.

There are those whom have mastered such processes and can achieve results in a much healthier manner without sacrificing their mental health or body. Sure, it is a great achievement to adhere to a process, to have discipline to show up and work towards a goal, but this can be lost as fatigue and hunger sets in, and by no means, is it for everybody.

Comparing ourselves to others robs us of what joy we already have or had, when we first set ourselves up or last looked at where we were at. Coveting what others have rather than celebrating where we're at and how far we have come.

Acknowledging that this is something relatable is the first step, from there we must look within ourselves and work out what we truly want and what it will take to get there. When setting goals, we must start at journey's end and make a plan.

Stay focused on you and work for what you want, ignoring what others say along the way.

Another couple of great quotes for you "Don't listen to opinions of others whom you would not go to advice for". Or just for a giggle- "Opinions are like a***holes, everyone has one!"

So the next time you find yourself scrolling and getting down, STOP. Unfollow that account or 'snooze' it until such time as you are comfortable with you. Additionally, surround yourself with those that seek to lift you up and encourage to achieve what you want.

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