What I wish I had known when starting on my own health & fitness journey

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

There are things in life that personal trainers and fitness folk fail to tell you. This can be because they need to create a reliance on their services in order to retain business, or they may lack overall knowledge to give the full, studied information. There is also a portion of the unknown simply because they have not been there themselves so they cannot speak from personal experience. The fitness industry can put forth information that comes from personal practice and or opinion, which can blur the lines and bias their directive.

When I started my health & fitness journey I was thrown around by terms like ‘Clean Eating’, or told ‘Raw is healthier’, had numerous training exercise styles such as HIIT, or Cardio put forward, I participated in online fitness challenges that required so much pre-reading, that as a novice, I found so overwhelming.

My journey, like everyone’s, is unique. I had specific reasons as to why I had a necessity to exercise in order to have a better quality of life. There were fitness professionals I enlisted for assistance, not all of them held what was best for me in to consideration or possessed enough knowledge to help for my specific needs. Some had a lack of confidence, or there was a laziness factor to invest the time to learn as to help me. I’m all for giving the new person a chance, but I’m also one to acknowledge if it is beyond my scope of practice or area of expertise. In the end, I did eventually find one personal trainer that helped me in so many ways.

The basic principals for your health & fitness journey are to 'move more, eat less'. However there are so many other factors that can influence this, along with so much information to reason as to why things are necessary. The approach taken by Inner Strength considers 3 factors. These are:


The mind is a powerful thing, if it is not right, the true reasoning behind why you are doing this can be lost. If not revealed and dealt with, you may achieve your goals but you may also relapse and gain/ lose what you have achieved. Been there, done that many times. We must get our mindset right to undertake this journey and have someone who can facilitate such things.


The next factor to consider is how much we fuel our bodies. If we do not eat well to nourish and recover from the demands we put our bodies under, we often derail and lose momentum. We have to look at the basic CICO (calories in, calories out) principal here to achieve desired results. If someone has a pre-existing health condition this adds a new element to the approach one must take in order to lose fat or gain muscle.


Finally we have the energy output source. Training is the final element to reach those goals. I wish someone had given me more options when starting out as to how training was possible without having to run or do burpees. These things have their place, but if you don't enjoy it and are forced to do it from the get-go, you're not going to stick with it. Find that which you enjoy as a means of getting yourself moving, understand that some things are going to be necessary at some point, but all in all, don't overcomplicate it for yourself as to hinder your progress and goal setting.

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